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  1. What's new in this club
  2. I was looking for training material online, as this is quite a new certification track so I was expecting to struggle finding study and training material. To my surprise, I found that AWS has published some awesome AV material for this course which could be really helpful in addition to whitepapers. I have create a separate topic for the initial course (find below the link) which I am going through at the moment and so far seems very informative. I have pinned the topic in the discussion board of this club as well. Also in below post I will guide you through step by step enrollment into the course which is FREE. Kamal.
  3. This topic will guide you to register to AWS official course of "AWS Security Fundamentals". This training is recommended by AWS for "AWS Certified Security - Specialty " certification. Here is course objective and outline; Description In this self-paced course, you will learn fundamental cloud computing and AWS security concepts, including AWS access control and management, governance, logging, and encryption methods. We will address security-related compliance protocols, risk management strategies, and procedures related to auditing your AWS security infrastructure. Intended Audience This course is intended for: IT business-level users and professionals interested in cloud security practices IT auditors, analysts, and regulators Security professionals with minimal working knowledge of AWS Course Objectives In this course, you will learn how to: Identify the security and compliance benefits of using the AWS Cloud Describe the access control and access management features of AWS and data encryption methods to secure sensitive data Use AWS services for security logging and monitoring, and determine which can be used for network security Ensure strong governance of your AWS resources and identify the services used to maintain governance of control environments Use the AWS audit feature, audit an AWS environment, and determine whether AWS audits and attestations that validate security controls are implemented and operating effectively Explain AWS compliance and assurance programs Prerequisites None Delivery Method This course is delivered through: Digital training Duration 4 hours Course Outline This course covers the following concepts: Introduction Access control and management Governance, logging, and encryption Compliance and risk management How to register for FREE Training, 1: Click on this link, it will take you to sign in page. Sign in with Amazon account or register if you don't have one. 2: Once you sign in, you can see the course outline and click on register button. 3: Once you register, you can see the training under "My Transcript" section. 4: Click on "Open" at right hand side of the course and this will bring you to course modules, 5: On above screen you can see all 4 modules of the course. Modules are, AWS Security Fundamentals - Introduction to Cloud Computing and AWS Security AWS Security Fundamentals - Access Control and Management AWS Security Fundamentals - Logging, Encryption, and Network Security AWS Security Fundamentals - Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance 6: Click on launch. The modules are launched in popup screens and needs to be allowed. I have attached the screenshots of all modules below. Click to enlarge. Hope this helps. Kamal.
  4. Hi, After 5 years hands on experience with AWS and also 2 certificates under the belt, I have decided to give security a go. The certification track detail and areas covered sounds really appealing, however I am still gathering list of resources and material that could help with the exam. I will keep this club updated and posted as i go along, however would love to see other members who are interested in AWS Certified Security Specialty certification and share any details. Please join the group for KT. Regards, kamal

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